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While at EDS I managed Budgets, in excess of $50 Million annually. Prior to leaving EDS for a new opportunity, I was offered a position that had a budget worth $200 Million annually.

At my current position I recently completed a very complex migration of our financial management and billing system from an outsourced provider to an in house solution. This project, which I led, will save the company $200K / per year. It will also provide timely information related to our customers and finances. For this effort and achievement, I was award the companies first annual Presidents Award for Excellence.

Prior to working for EDS, I worked for a consulting company installing accounting systems. Typically, I would install a new network and accounting software. Next I would migrate their old accounting system to the new system and write custom modules and reports, and provide training to our clients staff. Earlier in my career I have written (programmed) 2 complete Point of Sale / Inventory / Accounting systems from scratch.

This well rounded experience has helped to provide a strong accounting background, which has proven invaluable in my career.