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While at EDS, I was responsible for approximately 10,000 systems in a common office environment. Part of that role was to transition the support from an in house staff of 50, to an internal leveraged organization. Through this migration, we were able to reduce the number of support personnel, internal costs, and the amount of servers required to support the end users.

This resulted in an 85% reduction in the amount of server / system outages, and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores. Just prior to leaving for an outside opportunity, I was offered a promotion to manage all of the seats for GM North America. This was about a 5 fold increase in responsibility and scope. I was also co-leading a project at GM called "Single Glass" where our goal was to reduce the number of engineers that had multiple workstations to a single workstation capable of both engineering and office automation functions.

This operations position strengthened my customer interactions skills and helped me to focus more on customer metrics as a way to demonstrate performance for the team and company.