Qualifications - People Leadership  

At every position throughout my work history I've risen to leadership positions.

My current position is VP of business development, reporting directly to the CEO. In this capacity I help to lead the other executives and the company in a positive direction for growth. When at EDS, I had upwards of 50 direct (solid line) reports and 100's of indirect (dotted line) reports. Through EDS, I've had extensive leadership training at EDS University, and of course the usual trials by fire.

Prior to leaving EDS for my current opportunity, I was offered a position to manage all of the Intel and Lotus Notes Operations for the entire GM North America account. This would have meant about 200 direct (solid line) reports.

I've experienced each of the following aspects of staff management. layoff's, theft, terminal illness, death, guns in the workplace, sexual harassment, and on the brighter side, employee to employee marriage, and maternity leaves.

These real world experiences have equipped me to handle most employee situations.