Current Employer - Since March 2001



Rochester Hills, MI

My current position is Vice President of new Business Development. While here, I have helped to introduce several new product lines that have contributed significantly to the company's profitability. I have also mentored other executives to assist them in bringing the company up to the next level of professionalism and quality. Most recently I led the migration of our accounting system from an outside company to a new in house system. This migration will help the company save almost $200,000 / year. For my part in leading this effort, I have received the company's first annual Presidents Award for Excellence.

Out of respect for my company and our customers, and due to my standing within the company, I am choosing not to disclose the name of the company on a public web site. This company serves the Automotive & Aerospace supplier and OEM markets.

I am not actively looking to leave this company, I enjoy the work, people, etc.