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Peregrine Inc, Southfield MI

As the EDS TI Account Manager, I was the IT Manager, responsible for startup ,implementation, and steady state of the account. This included Help Desk, Desktop Field Support, and Hardware Maintenance, Network, Unix and NT Server administration and more.

With an on site team of about 60 people, we implemented a QAD ERP/MRP software package and a complete re-wire of 6 old GM international plants in 6 months to meet a very, very aggressive go live date set by the CEO.

Peregrine and EDS received a "QAD Rapid Achiever Award" as a result of this implementation. I was also the technical lead and helped design and implement a brand new State of the Art complete ATM network including the WAN and down to the desktop to lead to the combination of Voice, Data, and Video to each of about 3000 desktops in North America. I was a key contributor to the initial base Statement of Work, as well as a $ 50M TCV contract Renewal, and $ 2M of add on business.

Talk about your trial by fires. I don't know if you've ever seen the EDS commercial where they were building the plane at the same time it was flying, but that image fit this account perfectly. Peregrine was a GM Delphi Spin Off (similar to American Axle), and instead of a long protracted (and careful) migration this CEO wanted it done yesterday. Not only that, he wanted to do it with "beta" level hardware, software, and ATM technology.

Somehow we sprinted through this marathon, and got the job completed on time and under budget. We started out with an empty building and about 5 customer employees working literally, on empty computer boxes as our desks, to 3 floors, and 3000 or so workstations in only a few months. We ended up having to create a temporary data center in what used to be the buildings cafeteria, and then over a holiday weekend re-terminating 1000's of connections once the "real" data center was built out. We took turns "sleeping" in our cars for 4 days straight.

Unfortunately the company, in my opinion, tried to do too much too fast and before long it was financially in trouble.

I learned that when properly motivated, a talented and dedicated group of people can accomplish amazing results.